Corporate Profile

EKTO Manufacturing Corporation was formed in 1968 by a group of engineers that had 10+ years of experience designing and construction military shelters for US armed forces known as S-141, S-250 and S-280 type enclosures. These type of shelters required lightweight designs, subjected to vigorous performance tests, both structural and environmental. With this experience and some foresight it was natural to start a custom shelter manufacturing company with a vision of supplying shelters not just for the United States Military, but to a variety of potential future applications.

In the early 1970’s the booming mandated air monitoring requirements provided the new market for EKTO Manufacturing. In addition, these shelters provided a safe and efficient enclosure for the communication industry in a worldwide basis. Becoming the leader in the Air Monitoring Field and a well-known leading supplier to the commercial industry, government agencies, both local and from abroad realized the potential of our product. Having shelters on all 7 continents we have truly grown into a global company. We plan to continue this trend and are always looking for new ways to make an impact.

Smaller Enclosures or “Cabinets” were also an area that EKTO was able to specialize in.

Being a small family owned company we have been able to stay competitive and flexible. The experience gained, serving the industry over the years, has allowed us to evolve with the available technologies, to develop a state-of-the-art shelter construction and design.

We are looking forward to working with you to develop a custom equipment shelter or enclosure for your requirements.

“Ready to Roll”

“LF” Model: Floor-Less Shelter

Showing: Air Intake/Exhaust Hoods, AC Unit, NEMA 4X J-Box & Rain Hood

Showing Rain Hood over Gas Bottle Mounts, NEMA 4X J-Box with LB

Continuous Environmental Monitoring Shelter (CEMS) with Transformer

Shelter interior showing Workbench and Shelves

Shelter interior showing Exhaust Fan, Power Panels, & Insulated Knock-Out Panel

Large Shelter ready and prepped for shipping

Interior large “bare” Shelter with Partition

Communications Shelter Located in Africa

Shelter with Redundant (dual) Air Conditioner Units, Roof Grating, Guardrail, & Special Color Options

EKTO Enclosure on a Research Ship (under red arrow)

Shelter Interior showing Kewaunee Lab Furniture

Met One double “BAM” Enclosure

Shelter showing Tie Down Shoes and Angles

Roadside Shelter

Fiber Glass Shelter showing Rain Hood and Gas Bottle Mounts

Shelter showing Staircase Option

Shelter located in Iceland (2)

Enclosure located in Tanzania

Shelter located in Iceland (winter)

Shelter interior showing Dish-Type Bulkheads and Unistrut Configuration